Corporate Identity Stratagem

corporate identity examplesThe subsequent evil foursome of critical necessities for a successful brand are key for an effective and solidly grounded corporate identity stratagem.

  • Distinction: In today’s highly competitive market, brands need to be clear and distinct from each other. What they need to stand apart from others in order to be noticed, represent unanimity with their brand image, make an impression, and to ultimately be the preferred go to Brand.
  • Gravitas: Brands need to bond to what people are thinking about, doing with, and care about in this world. To build a solid base and weight on people’s thoughts, in demand in the best way, they need to strive and fulfil the wants and ambitions of their envisioned audiences.
  • Consistent: They must have credibility with their audiences, brands must be articulate in what they say and clear and coherent in what they do. The communications, the promotions, all the brand experiences, and all of the product delivery need to coalesce and form the infrastructure that the brand stands or falls on.
  • Admiration: A brand that is Distinct, has Gravitas and Consistency is one that is cherished by both its followers, whether they work for the brand, own the brand or just want the brand. The status of a brand is based on the esteem it has earned by executing clearly on both its undertaken and thus far provided experience

Multi-sensory fundamentals

Corporate identity is based on the set of multi-sensory fundamentals that One Digital engages to connect the visual testimonial about a brand to its target consumers  These multi-sensory elements embrace everything in the brand element dossier, from the logo, slogan, buildings, décor, uniforms, company colours and in some cases, even the physical presence of consumer-facing staff

One Digital will put together a persuasive and solidly grounded corporate identity stratagem and supporting devices – gathered within a set of digital strategies. These strategies direct how the uniqueness of the identity is applied and  include input fron the Exco and other governing bodies.

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