What makes a Successful Creative Brief?

Without a great Creative Brief, how can you expect your team to get the idea and produce a great creative product?

A well thought out and focussed creative brief is the key to a successful advertising campaign, Online Ad, website, video, blog or even full feature movie.

Start with a fully formed idea

It takes time to develop a solid creative brief, but it’s well worth it to ensure the deliverables align with expectations and business requirements. Also, it makes the whole process smoother and more efficient and will save you money in the long run. So, think through the project and objectives before you start working on the creative brief.

Put yourself in the place of the team reading the brief

It takes time to develop a creative brief but the time is well used if it focuses and directs the creative team in the correct manner without being too single-minded and inconsistent It’s a good idea to be detailed but not too overwhelming the brief is the beginning of the process detailed, focused but allowing for free thought and ideas.

Be Clear and transparent

What format to present in? It depends on the group of creatives and mixed brainstormers you are presenting to the brief can be created in a variety of ways from PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Google document, to Google presentation. The same template can be used each time, you need to create a new brief for every different project, and ensure that you’ve covered all of the critical details each time.

Supply ALL the details

It’s worthwhile taking the time to provide all of the details and strategic thinking, this allows you to enable the creative team and ensure they understand the brief and are able to deliver great work.

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