Marketing is still about Relationships

As mobile relationships and social technologies gain impetus,

customer attention and ongoing relationships become more important than ever. The always-connected status and ability to find information instantly puts them totally in control of their own content, experience and reality, this tendency has forced businesses to rethink how they connect with their customers.

To survive the ever-changing digital landscape, marketers need to deliver real-time, bespoke consumer focused experiences that are touch and/or pain points for customers as they search for content. Whether it be an in page insert or a Google AdWords insert promoting a product or even an email with an ad as a banner, content and promotion goings-on now take numerous forms. We need to promote relevant and consistent content for brand and product communication all the way through the customer experience, business has the opportunity to participate and engage with audiences like never before.

Marketing approach in the over-catered for digital realm can be complex but three things are paramount

Simplifying and condensing complicated products and services into bite-size chunks for today’s easily-distracted audiences

Persuasively winning trust – beginning small and reaching for the “trusted confidant” high-value decision status

Entertaining educating and giving erratic “Generation Z” consumers reasons for their loyalty.


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